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Junior Accountant

The junior accountant is a multi-functional role with a focus on collecting, studying and preparing data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, labor and inventory.

Junior Buyer (Twinsburg)

Working in support of the Sr. Buyer, the Jr. Buyer will negotiate with vendors for the purchase of materials, goods, and supplies used by three (3) production facilities of Leiden cabinets. Duties include, but are not limited to, negotiating the best possible price, quality, and service guarantees that support company cost savings objectives. Qualified candidates will be knowledgeable about industry trends and skilled at forming and maintaining vendor relationships.

Junior Project Manager (Twinsburg)

The Junior Project Manager is responsible for various administrative duties relative to the successful execution, production, and completion of high-quality cabinets and store fixtures for assigned customers. Qualified candidates must be able to read and interpret various drawings and blueprints.

Painter/Finisher (Twinsburg)

The Painter/Finisher sprays primer and finish paint on a variety of parts and materials as specified on the order. This position requires a high level of attention to detail and is essential to maintaining Leiden’s reputation for quality. Qualified candidates are able to mix paints for desired color and consistency, operate a sprayer to apply various finishes, and use a paint brush to touch up any imperfections.

Production Engineer (Twinsburg)

Our Production Engineer designs and engineers workable solutions for fabrication of store fixtures, casework, and millwork while efficiently utilizing available materials, equipment, construction methods, and labor resources. In this role, candidates will consult with the Project Manager and Project Engineer on project design, materials, and engineering requirements. The Production Engineer will also prepare work orders, etc. for ERP system and more.

Project Engineer (Twinsburg)

The Project Engineer is responsible for complex design tasks utilizing Inventor software as well as creating product designs based on equipment capabilities, construction methods, labor resources, and experience with of a wide range of materials in the store fixture and display industry. The project engineer adds tremendous value by working directly with the customer and project management to develop cost savings opportunities by reviewing all aspects of a project and sharing value added-ideas as a team.

Project Manager (Twinsburg)

The Project Manager, working under the direction of a senior project manager, is responsible for the successful execution of assigned customer accounts — including participation in the conceptual development of a project, obtaining the scope of work for each project, reviewing drawings, defining customer expectations, coordinating project timelines between multiple internal and external departments, and problem-solving. The project manager has direct communication with customers and is an integral part of business development.

Senior Project Manager (Twinsburg)

The Senior Project Manager has overall responsibility for the successful execution of assigned customer accounts. The Senior Project Manager will be assigned one or more large, complex accounts or multiple small accounts and will coordinate the output of additional Project Managers and Junior Project Managers to successfully meet both customer and Leiden Company objectives.

Shipping & Receiving Associate (Twinsburg)

Under supervision of the Shipping & Receiving Lead, this position involves general shipping and receiving functions in a warehouse setting in support of the production of high-quality store fixtures. Duties include unloading vehicles, accepting deliveries, and unpacking containers, as well as loading, unloading and staging materials needed for production, and preparing shipments by assembling, packing, protecting, and labeling containers and shipments.

Shipping & Receiving Lead (Twinsburg)

The Shipping & Receiving Lead is responsible for the management and organization of the Shipping & Receiving Department including, but not limited to, the receipt of raw materials, proper loading/unloading of deliveries, proper issuance of materials to Work-In-Process (WIP), verification of cycle counts, and quality control. Duties include directing receiving associate(s) in their daily responsibilities, as well as communicating shortages, damage, or any other vendor issues to Purchasing.