Builder/Woodworker (Strasburg)

Complete assembly of wide variety of custom fixtures, casework, commercial cabinetry and millwork requiring the ability to read, comprehend and apply blueprint and 3-D modeling and basic math skills as well as the ability to use common hand tools and operate woodworking machines.

Builder/Woodworker (Twinsburg)

The builder/woodworker is responsible for the complete assembly of a wide variety of custom fixtures, casework, commercial cabinetry, and millwork. This role requires the ability to read, comprehend, and apply blueprint and 3-D modeling, and candidates must have experience using common hand tools and operating woodworking machines. The builder/woodworker will receive valuable experience working with a wide variety of materials and various construction methods.

CNC Operator (Twinsburg)

The CNC Operator is responsible for the efficient operation of the CNC Router.

Field Installation Manager (Twinsburg)

The Field Installation Manager is responsible for the installation and repair of custom cabinets, casework, and/or millwork at our customer sites.

Inventory Control Lead (Twinsburg)

The inventory control lead is responsible for the oversight and management of a team whose roles include, but not are limited to, packaging, crating, inventory management, loading trucks, and other duties as assigned. It is the inventory control lead’s responsibility to support multiple manufacturing departments and to ensure that all team members are on task and focused on the correct priorities. This role provides opportunities to lead by example and interact with all levels within the organization.

Inventory Control Specialist (Twinsburg)

The inventory control specialist assists in several areas, including the warehouse, shipping, receiving, and packaging/LTL. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to packaging, crating, receipt of raw materials, staging and shipment of finished goods, inventory management, loading trucks, and other duties as assigned. The inventory control specialist role provides numerous opportunities to learn more about the organization through interaction with multiple departments.

Junior Accountant

The junior accountant is a multi-functional role with a focus on collecting, studying and preparing data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, labor and inventory.

Transportation Coordinator (Twinsburg)

The Transportation Coordinator will execute the day-to-day shipment of goods from a manufacturing facility to numerous domestic and international customer locations.  The position is primarily operational and requires a strategic view of transportation services including but not limited to outbound shipments of materials, supplies, and finished goods; warehouse operations and inventory control; and management of customer relationships.

Warehouse Associate/Driver (Twinsburg)

The Driver/ Warehouse Associate will perform local deliveries as well as general utility functions in a warehouse setting in support of the production of high-quality fixtures